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The kimonos, which have an inner lining and a public side, came to me out of the wish to wear my words.
— Piper Leigh

Piper Leigh is an artist, author, photographer, and bookmaker. She sees art as conversation, allowing us to listen and give voice to what is meaningful in our lives.

Among Leigh’s abiding interests are layering and juxtaposition. In her artwork, she employs media including cloth, scrolls, and mobiles suspended in space. Her collaborative projects have included an evening of butoh dance within a tea house installation and an installation of kimonos incorporating voice and projected images.

Leigh is the publisher several limited edition artists’ books of poetry and photography. When Tres Chicas Books invited Leigh to create a book that embraces image, language, and texture through her own poetry and photography, the result was my thin-skinned wandering, in which Leigh endeavors to further stretch the meaning of “book.”

Leigh is the founder of consultancy Comunica, where she fosters innovation, learning, and experimentation through creative meetings and workshops, leadership training, and strategic planning. She is the author of the book series Art & Science of: Courageous Conversation, Meetings, Innovation.

Leigh finds that her two pursuits—creating art and working with communities—enrich and enliven each other. In both spheres, Piper is committed to inspiring courageous creativity to build a culture of connection in our world.