Design Partner/Mentor/Consultant

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I delight in working with brilliant young learning designers who are creating today’s world of work and community. We use our inside and outside perspectives to spark, disrupt and challenge …resulting in exciting experiences for learning. Comunica contributes expertise in interactive learning design and program/workshop development and experience working with teams/organizations across diverse fields.

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Today’s teams and organizations think together in brief, frequent, intense meetings. People learn at their desk, from their laptop in an airport, on the phone as well as in face-to-face work sessions. Engaging interaction is an essential element in all these settings. If the conversation is not productive it can easily be moved down or off the list of priorities.

A story: Co-design, Co-create

Comunica’s interactive learning methods are combined with the latest research, best practices and assessment tools in a partnership with an organization delivering leadership programs worldwide. Internal expertise is used to customize programs for specific fields such as marketing, IT, project management, human resources. The team’s design process takes place virtually as well as through intensive design sessions. These programs are highly relevant and engaging – scoring high marks from participating leaders.