Leadership Coaching & Retreats

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Restore and renew. Uncertain times require courageous creativity!

Leaders often wish they could call a time-out to take stock and sharpen focus.  Resilience is nurtured when leaders hone their creativity and establish practices to routinely restore and recharge.

Coaching conversations, excursions and retreats can infuse leaders with creative energy and restore focus when current challenges cause to be reactive. Leaders can then choose action based on values and intention.

A story:  take an excursion to refresh and recommit

Creativity and accurate research were both requirements for success for this national arts and education organization. Comunica helped gather innovators and inventors to challenge current thinking and imagine the future together. In an intensive workshop new methods to reach and engage the targeted audience were sparked and formulated. 

A story: take an excursion with unlikely companions

A group of strongly independent foundations all envisioned dramatic Native American education reform. Comunica designed and lead a collaborative process to attain results that no one organization could achieve alone. They explored and dreamed together – traveling together to New Zealand they learned by directly experiencing Maori immersion schools. Because of this alliance tight financial times no longer limited thinking. They returned re-energized, open to unimagined approaches, applying their new insights using each other as powerful allies.