Meetings that work!

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Even with amazing new technologies that support communication and meetings we are still hampered by old models.  Leaders use Comunica as a partner to enhance workshops, conferences, staff meetings, think tanks, and retreats. Successful leaders host meetings that are designed to engage and activate. We help you:

  • Kick-off with conversations that really matter to the people in the room
  • Model and foster creative collaboration
  • Structure conversations to exchange best practices and spark learning
  • Connect and invent new solutions in think tanks
  • Develop new skills in interactive learning labs
  • Forge relationships that last beyond the meeting

Productive meetings result in new capabilities, solve complex problems and strengthen working relationships.

A story: generate new solutions

A healthcare manufacturer was determined to serve customer needs in the rapidly changing surgical environment.  Comunica designed and facilitated a targeted think tank of healthcare leaders, inventors, customer service, and marketing.  Over a period of two years, members explored what they didn’t know and what kept them up at night.  They analyzed “work-arounds” and labor intensive processes and invented new tools. Together they tackled challenges which healthcare workers believed impossible to solve and created a network of partners across the country. 

A story: stepping up to lead

Public Affairs and Communications of a multinational company needed active leadership instead of providing support services. Comunica joined a diverse team (senior leadership, internal and external consultants) who designed a Worldwide PAC Leadership Institute.  Leadership workshops were designed and delivered to teams around the world. Professionals learned new skills and practiced in learning labs to develop the necessary confidence to apply the new skills.  A global summit was created to bring colleagues from around the world to share their most current discoveries about this new role. This activated an ongoing, vibrant network that they could count on as they broke new ground within the organization.