Networked planning puts ideas into action!

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The brainpower of many diverse perspectives turns complex challenges into opportunities.

This process can be customized for your timeframes and budget; it can be used for large and small groups – for example, 125 people participated in a session that provided critical insights used by 40 key leaders to build a robust strategic plan.

This collaborative approach provides a way to think together, for a purpose, with courageous creativity.  You tap the creativity of the organization and its stakeholders. By involving many perspectives, you ensure engagement and successful implementation of the plan.   (a.k.a. Strategic Planning.)

A story: invent, plan and act

In the midst of a national economic downturn, an important education/advocacy organization built a robust strategic plan maximizing resources and ensuring strong commitment of its staff and volunteers.  Comunica designed a series of forums for staff, board, and diverse stakeholders (field, external partners, volunteers, agencies.) This interactive planning process identified strengths, inquired into challenges and leveraged expertise from different parts of the organization. Accurate understanding of the current landscape and engagement for focused action for the future was established.