Origami Hut (Mobile Studio)

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I have worked for over 20 years out of my home. I imagined a “hermitage” or space for solitude, quiet, walks, writing and new projects. I wanted to focus on writing, mapping the terrain in images, drawing and bookmaking.

Instead of purchasing land or cabin, I began to think about people who already own land and are either not using some part of it or are just getting by (perhaps off the grid) and would appreciate a little income from a low maintenance “renter.” I could use a small trailer or get a small simple (portable) shed structure.

Brian found an “origami hut” or “wheelie house” as a friend named it on Craigslist. Used to backpacking and river trips – it seems quite luxurious to have a down comforter and shelter with great windows, a bed and a table. I didn’t need a hook up; propane, solar panel works fine (even to charge computer or printer.) I learned to hook the trailer to the car; to back it up and how to position the trailer for hotter days and views of the moon.

At this moment it resides in field of fresh snow near Galisteo Basic Preserve. Why am I here?