Invisible Threads: Three Bundles of Work

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Piper Leigh’s art installation “Invisible Threads: Three Bundles of Work” at Studio 6, September 18, 2009. The installation is comprised of photographs, fabric, movement, transparent layers, books and voice. Poems & images are embedded in kimonos, scrolls & artists books. As part of the installation, Piper Leigh will read selected poems in the exhibit space on three nights. Three collections, a kind of arc of a journey.

First bundle: Residue of Wings — A sense of lineage with my mother, father, grandparents…how I came to be here. Second bundle: Into Blue – The place where boundaries are blurred. Intuition, dreams where there’s permeability, the translucence of the kimonos. Third bundle: Refuge- The sense of refuge in this landscape of New Mexico and new definitions of home and belonging.