my thin-skinned wandering

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Trés Chicas Books invited me to make a poetry book that embraces image, language and texture utilizing my own poetry and photography. Drawing upon experience with artists books, I produced my thin-skinned wandering in which I intended to stretch the meaning of “book.”

my thin-skinned wandering embraces image, language and texture through poetry and photography. It is apowerful invitation for the reader to become more than areader of poems—to engage with transparency, the literary fragment and the image in such a way that the book becomes felt-experience, both physically and emotionally. The poems are a testament to what is born of loss, to the abiding natural world, and to embracing the intensity of longing so that the door can be opened to what mystery reveals. In the words of the poet, ‘this dim notion of life’s myriad details matters.’” — Renée Gregorio, Tres Chicas Books

Purchase here online or locally in Santa Fe at Collected Works and Op. Cit.