Solstice, Christmas Eve, Canyon Road

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Marilyn Batts (also Leah Stravinsky), a good friend and wonderful sculptor, asked me what my next experiment would be. When I wished for something more public, she made an extraordinary offer – the use of her studio on Fatima Lane (just off Acequia Madre on Christmas eve!)

I would be able to play with the intimate space inside the adobe studio as well as use the snowy courtyard just beyond the bonfire. I could design an installation in an unlikely place.

By recording my voice reading fragments of poems, I would accompany the floating figures, embodying this body of work. I could project images on a translucent screen hanging in the night as an invitation to enter.

Thousands of people would walk the icy, winter night to see the simple lanterns, lining the walls and walkways – farolitos, (paper lunch bags, sand from arroyos, and votive candles.) I could stand in the dark… listen and watch.

I could make an anonymous offering.